Part of your business productivity should be doing activities in blocks of time. I like to sit down and work on the majority of my Tweets in blocks of time. There are also thoughts come to me randomly throughout the day that I like to throw out there, but today I’d like to look at these Twitter tools to improve your online productivity. Scheduling helps you to have that presence that spans the world’s timelines!

1. Tweetdeck


Tweetdeck has a desktop version that makes it super easy to manage your Tweets. Set up multiple accounts, choose your default, write a tweet and schedule it to post at a later time. When you choose a default account, this will be the account that will be set when you compose a Tweet, favorite a Tweet from, or reply to Tweets with.  You can also post and follow from multiple accounts.

2. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a great tool to manage multiple social streams. When composing a Tweet, you have the option to schedule it for a later time/day. I especially find this useful for evenings/weekends when I don’t want to be managing my social media, yet still want to maintain a consistent online presence.

Hootsuite also seems to be keen on security, with an email/code confirmation when it receives “suspicious activity”. When I logged in from a different computer, I received an email alert, then had to enter a confirmation code at Hootsuite in order to proceed. While this may seem like an inconvenience, I appreciate the added security.


3. Twuffer


Twuffer will get you up and running with scheduled Tweets in no time. Whereas the other tools mentioned work well for displaying Tweets, adding multiple accounts, etc Twuffer’s one focus is in the scheduling. ¬†Easily view the scheduled Tweets, the sent Tweets, or the failed Tweets.

Whether you want a stand alone scheduling tool, or a full suite to manage your social accounts, putting your Tweets on a schedule can make your life more manageable and get you better results. Let me know what you think!

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Doug Moore has been helping small businesses grow and succeed for over 10 years. His passion is to provide the tools to help you efficiently market your business.