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What to do when your social media strategy isn’t working.

Two conversations that I’ve this past week have revolved around this statement. There’s a frustration that occurs when you have a product or service and you put a lot of time into a social media strategy only to find people don’t interact with you (or buy, or use your service!). Yes, you’re justified in feeling that way.

Too often our focus is on getting as many eyeballs on our product or service as possible in hopes that someone will put down a few dollars. I find this especially true to us baby boomers who have grown up with interruptive marketing. Blast out your message and a small percentage of revenue will come back to you.

Take your focus off of the ‘sell.’

We live in a connected society more than ever. We use additional tools to the ones that we had 20 years ago. The root concept is still the same – trust. Want a plumber to work on your house? It used to be you’d ask your co-workers or friends or neighbors to recommend someone. Now you add to that mix by doing a search on Google, reading reviews, getting information about them from their website, and seeing what they post about on Facebook.

When running a social media strategy, take the focus off of your products and services and show people who you are as a person. People connect with people. People want to know if they can trust you.  Are you a good fit for them? The only way you can help them know that is if you expose yourself. Show them who you really are. Talk about what you like and dislike. This includes your business ventures but it’s so much more. It’s you as a person doing what you love to do.

You won’t appeal to everyone, but in time (oh, how can I wait that long?) you’ll get a following of people you truly want to hear your message.  When you get this community, some will have a need for your services and products. They will trust. And the best thing is, they’ll sell for you because of that trust. They’ll be your best marketing team.

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Doug Moore has been helping small businesses grow and succeed for over 10 years. His passion is to provide the tools to help you efficiently market your business.