inexpensive online marketingI wanted to offer some of my brainstorming ideas for your first inexpensive online marketing campaign. I may be adding to it in the future, by this is a start! I hope these ideas help you. If you have other ideas, please leave your comments below.

Make your message clear

If you’re not sure what your objective is, you can be certain your prospects won’t either. Don’t be too wordy, but be clear about the steps you want them to take. If they should click on a button to sign up, say so. If you want them to fill out a short survey in order to get a free download you need to walk them through the steps.

When writing content, don’t write long, boring paragraphs. Keep your sentences in a conversational manner and include helpful photos, graphs, and other material that visually explains. Inexpensive online marketing means giving just enough information.

Have a highly targeted audience

You can’t afford to send your message to ears that don’t care about what you have to say. Take the extra time to put your message in front of those who are truly interested in you. If you want to do inexpensive online marketing, you need to only pay for those that care about your products or services.

The tools are there. It’s up to you to use them. Facebook and Google have collected oodles of information on us (There’s a reason they offer so many ‘free’ services!) and it’s there for us to use.

Automate what you can

If time equals money, the cost to send out individual emails, or to sift through your results one by one is high. The trick to being an online success is to automate whenever and wherever possible. Spend your time doing what can’t be automated.

As an example, most of today’s newsletter platforms can send out autoresponders based on someone’s actions. Make sure to use those tools. Doing inexpensive online marketing requires that you use your time wisely

Work on getting as much as possible from your existing contacts and list.

Sure it’s fine to put your efforts into building a larger list. What about the clients that you already have? Have you made contact with them lately? Have you offered some free information to them? Do they feel special or neglected? It’s important to keep the connection going and see what the needs are so that you can provide the solutions.

Measure your results

We’re really after the lowest ‘cost per desired action’ that we can get. Know the action that you want your customers/ prospects to take and put an actual dollar amount to the goal. Do some A/B tests so you know which ad was more effective. Set specific goals with a dollar amount attached to them. It’s all too easy to run an advertising campaign and walk away.

When you have a desired outcome and a goal value, you can see what to repeat and what not to repeat. You won’t always have a success. But you can take your failures and get a degree! Setting goals and measuring gives you a specific number to  compare to past and future campaigns. Don’t get stuck in the ‘I think it worked well’ or ‘I don’t feel like it worked out’. Make sure you know!

Running an inexpensive online marketing campaign means you keep pruning and trimming to get the most out of every dollar.

Doug Moore has been helping small businesses grow and succeed for over 10 years. His passion is to provide the tools to help you efficiently market your business.