As a beginner using Google+, I was a little puzzled with  formatting text in Google+. Yes, I could put in images and links but I couldn’t figure out where the bold and italic buttons were! Taking a closer look at the posts that others were doing I saw that there was a way to set the text off somewhat. google-plus-formatting

Here are a few ways to get some formatting into your Google+ paragraphs.

  1. Bold text  – surround your word or phrase with and asterisk like this. *This sample text is bold*
  2. Italicized text – Start and end the text that you want in italics with an underscore _.  _This text is in italics_
  3. You can also strikethrough words in Google+ by putting a hyphen (-) around the word that you’d like to strikethrough. This is an – ensample – example of a strikethrough.

One thing to remember is that the formatting bold and italic won’t span across paragraphs.

A couple of other Google Plus tips:

  1. Don’t let your paragraphs run too long. Visually, it’s easier to read shorter paragraphs than longer. An example of good writing style in a blog are the posts by Seth Godin. The same applies to your Google+ status updates.
  2. Use images generously. Let’s face it, most of us are visual and images catch our attention and get us reading the content. If you don’t like the images that are automatically placed when you insert a link, use a tool like Snagit to grab your own image to go with the linked page.
  3. Don’t forget to mention others in your updates when appropriate using the ‘+their name’.
  4. Are hashtags used in Google+? Yes! Use the #hashtag before words and phrases. Create your own hashtag to make searching through your posts easier. For example I could add #socialmediamarketing in my posts to make it easier for you or others find them in the future using the Google+ search.

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