What? I don’t need a Facebook page to advertise on Facebook?

That’s right. Of course you can still use FB Pages to highlight your business if you want but it’s not a requirement.

So this is for those who hate Facebook but still want to run targeted ads!

Let me digress for a minute…

The goal is to try to get leads off of the Facebook platform and onto yours, anyway. I just went to a ‘Agents of Change’ (#aoc2014) social media conference in Portland, Maine and there seemed to be a consensus about this. Get leads off of Facebook, capture information (name, email, phone number) that you need and you won’t lose all of that if there are major changes to Facebook.

Let Facebook do what they want to their platform – the contacts are in your hands now – not Facebook’s.

You do need to have a Facebook profile set up in order to create an ad but there’s no need to post day after day in order to run your first ad.

no need for facebook pageWhat you’ll want to use for the “desired results” when you first set up the ad is “Clicks to Website.” Depending on what your desired outcome is, you can send them to a landing page, to a highlighted product, or an event that you’re sponsoring.

You then go through the steps to show your ad to the specific audience that you choose and pick a budget.

Tip #1: Spend a lot of time defining your goals and doing the research. As top marketer Seth Godin says, “Thrash at the beginning.”

Tip #2: Don’t set too high a budget to start. Make it manageable related to your goals. Remember- you’re testing the waters.

Tip #3: Highly target your audience. Facebook makes it easy to segment your audience according to age, gender, family, interests, regio, etc. Spend your dollars wisely!

Tip #4: Use the Power Editor in the Chrome browser to manage your ads.

You’re now starting to look like a Miserly Facebook Advertiser!

Doug Moore has been helping small businesses grow and succeed for over 10 years. His passion is to provide the tools to help you efficiently market your business.