What’s a ‘bounce rate’?

What’s a ‘bounce rate’? Understanding and knowing what to look for in your analytics can daunting. One ‘metric’ that can give us useful information is called the ‘bounce rate’. In Google Analytics, it’s given as a number or percent. If …

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Branding yourself

Branding yourself vs a business

Here’s an interesting 1 minute video to watch about the virtues of branding yourself vs branding a business (name). It plays into the social media question of whether you should build your ‘profile’ or your page. My opinion which aligns …

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Formatting Text in Google+

As a beginner using Google+, I was a little puzzled with ¬†formatting text in Google+. Yes, I could put in images and links but I couldn’t figure out where the bold and italic buttons were! Taking a closer look at …

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