What’s a ‘bounce rate’?

What’s a ‘bounce rate’? Understanding and knowing what to look for in your analytics can daunting. One ‘metric’ that can give us useful information is called the ‘bounce rate’. In Google Analytics, it’s given as a number or percent. If …

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How not to be customer-centric

How not to be customer-centric. Is this backwards, or is it me? Recently my wife and I did some late evening shopping at a local Home Depot (No, I’m not picking on them specifically). Ready to check out, we walked …

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Facebook advertising goals

Planning your first Facebook advertising campaign

Planning your first Facebook advertising campaign When you first start a Facebook advertising campaign you’re presented with the question of the type of ad you want based on the goals you want to achieve. I’m all for this approach because …

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Starting a business slowly

Starting a business while you still have an income As entrepreneurs, it seems as though the ideas for new projects and businesses never stop flowing. I guess that’s one signal that you are an entrepreneur… I can see the benefits …

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